Monday, May 21, 2018


I’ve been reading a lot lately. I always read, of course, but the amount of time spent on it varies. It seems I read more when I have finished off one of my own books — no more writing, editing, design, formatting to keep me busy, and I don’t feel like diving into another project.

Not that there isn’t another project. There always is at least one going. I am feeling my way into a light fantasy — standing at about 10,000 words at the moment — and will undoubtedly get more serious about writing out the narrative soon. Incidentally, it feels a bit inconsequential after writing a ‘serious’ novel like ASANAS. But I know it isn’t, really.

Some of the books I’ve been reading are old print volumes from my own library (many inherited from my grandfather) and some are ebooks downloaded free from Project Gutenberg (or Gutenberg Canada which has some newer work, thanks to Canadian copyright laws). Invariably, I find myself attempting to puzzle out the typefaces employed in the print books. That’s not a thing with ebooks; if they do not default to the user’s own style settings, one can ‘look under the hood’ and find what is being used.

I just finished a book from the Forties, one by Louis Bromfield, and figured out fairly readily that it employed Electra. That’s a lovely type, and fairly new at the time. It was used for my own Cully Beach novels (actually BitStream’s clone, but it looks the same). With some, I’ve never been able to come to any conclusion. Many similar fonts in my collection but nothing quite the same. Incidentally, an historical I read last year sold me on using Caslon some time. It looked great set in Caslon Old Face.

Something else I noticed in a couple books I read recently is an absence of chapters. Neither was a particularly new book. Both used markers between scenes but there were no numbers or titles to indicate any sort of chapter. I see nothing particularly ‘wrong’ with this, though it does make navigation more difficult. Nor do I see myself ever doing it — but one never knows, does one? I considered using running chapters in ASANAS, that is, not breaking and going to a new page for each chapter. It would have saved some pages and I think it looks perfectly good in the books where I have seen it done. That, however, is a formatting and design choice, not anything to do with the writing.

I shall continue to read, undoubtedly, and dab away at ‘The Jewels of the Elements.’ At this point, I am still doing more in the way of outlining and coming up with ideas than I am actually writing out the narrative. The novel is taking form well enough. Expect it later this year. After that, who knows? Maybe I’ll just read some more.

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