Friday, May 04, 2018

The Infinite

Infinity can not exist in a finite universe. We may point to a mathematical infinity — such as a never-ending progression of numbers — but it would require infinite time to keep counting them. We do not have infinite time in this universe; it will come to an end.

So we could say that infinity exists only in potential within the finite universe. But is it a bridge to infinite being, of which our universe is only one finite speck? I might posit that being, existence, is itself infinite (filling, of course, an infinite void). All things can and do exist in that infinity that contains all — and not just in potential, though one might argue they do not ‘really’ exist until a consciousness observes them.

But then, perhaps being itself is conscious. After all, if it holds all things and all minds, should it not also be aware? Consciousness and existence are perhaps inextricably linked to each other. The fact that our own consciousnesses grasp the concept of the infinite may be as good evidence as any of its existence.

That infinite being — or consciousness — of which we are all part might be called god. It’s as good a definition as any. Not a creator, exactly, except of itself! If indeed conscious, aware of all that is — there would be no bounds on that in infinite existence, no constraints of time and space, both of which are constructs of a finite universe.

I have never been much of a believer in the afterlife. I certainly do not buy the popular definition of soul or spirit, that is, some sort of incorporeal entity that flits off on its own after the death of the body. However, if there is infinite possibility in being, then we certainly might continue to exist. In fact, we must continue, though ‘continue’ is probably not the proper word when we speak of timeless infinite being.

That is conjecture. The whole concept of infinite being is conjecture, truly. It is possible that only our finite universe exists (or a finite number of finite universes). But the fact that this universe does exist raises all these other questions. Existence makes no sense within those finite bounds. Why would anything be? Why would it start and end? Set that finite universe in an infiniverse, boundless, timeless being, and maybe we glimpse some answers.

Or at least very many questions.

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