Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sorcery and Chat Rooms

I recognize that the ‘speaking from afar’ that the sorcerers of my fantasy novels use is rather similar to chatting online — even to the existence of private ‘chat rooms,’ in the form of little empty worlds where they can meet. One needs to know the ‘address’ to find and speak to another wizard, generally, though powerful individuals are able to sort through thousands of worlds quickly and find where they need to be. A magical search engine, if you will. They even, in a sense, bookmark each other.

I had not really thought about any of that until now, but it is most likely it shaped my creation of the whole system. Of course, there are quite large differences, too. For one thing, their communication over distances involves actually sending a part of their physical being to those other worlds — existing in more than one universe at a time. The inherent ability to do that is largely the basis of all wizardly power.

And would it be possible to send a ‘virus’ to some other sorcerer? Pretty much, yes. Letting another wizard in is analogous to opening an infected email. He’s in your system and you may not be able to get rid of him. Spy-ware of a sort is common, and those spied upon may not realize it. Best to block certain users!

I suppose all this is in part a result of my personal need for a more-or-less logical system of magic. I may certainly leave some things unexplained in my tales, but they adhere to the concepts I have laid down. More traditional sorts of magic will not work in my primary fantasy world; this is not to say they might not in some less logical universe. Those will exist too (in potential, anyway) in the infiniverse. It is probably safer not to visit them. :)

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