Thursday, September 27, 2018

Fan Fiction

In a sense, I write 'fan fiction.' No, I've never written anything that incorporated someone else's characters or worlds. But I do create characters and worlds of my own and then write about them, rather than starting with an 'idea' and then crafting the characters and setting to fit it (Mostly. There are always exceptions to everything). I'm not unusual in this approach; some writers work this way, some don't. Stephen King starts with the story and says the characters will take form as he works. I need to know how those imaginary people think and act (to some extent) before starting. This is why I sometimes write back-story tales about them for my own use, before ever starting on a book.

Now, of course, I have various interrelated series going, so I have a whole bunch of characters I know fairly well. And I am, indeed, writing fan fiction about them.

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