Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Hurrican Hiatus

Having endured a two week hurricane hiatus---I was in the direct path of Michael here in the Florida panhandle and without power or any connection to the outside world for a long while---I am back to the business of being a writer. All of this should not have interfered with any publishing timetables, though we'll be cutting in close on the release of MAGIC, the new poetry collection. Out Dec 1 if all continues on schedule, from Eggshell Boats.

And what follows? Why another fantasy novel, of course, another of my 'little' (around 65,000 words) adventures. This one is titled THE JEWELS OF THE ELEMENTS and is the sequel to THE EYES OF THE WIND, making it the second book of the Sajam Saga. It chronicles the further adventures of newly-weds Marana and Saj as they attempt to settle into a new life as colonists on the isle of Lorj. Good luck with that, kids! We see the return of the wizard Im (who has popped up elsewhere in my fiction, notably in THE WAYS OF WIZARDRY) and (spoiler) of a certain small god who likes to dabble in human affairs. I am going through a final round of proofreading right now.

Beyond that, who knows? I am working on a couple concepts. Well, more than that really, but two fairly seriously. That is typical for me. I like the cross-pollenization effect of multiple projects. And, as ever, dabbling here and there in the projected novels. I'll never be a linear writer. One or the other will 'grab' me eventually and I'll finish working it up. Those are a reasonably mainstream mystery/crime novel to be titled THE DEPOT BLUES and another fantasy adventure that will become THE CROCODILE GOD. Between those and the needed roof repairs, I'll be kept busy.

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