Saturday, January 19, 2019


I do not own a Kindle nor any other proprietary ebook reader. My ebook library is not in the ‘cloud’ but on my computer, where it belongs. I read them there or on a generic e-reader, in EPUB format.

The bulk of those electronic books are free ones I downloaded from Project Gutenberg. There are enough classics there to keep me busy the rest of my life, even if I did nothing but read all day. I admit that I have never purchased an ebook. If I have money for books, it will go to buying ones on paper.

And although I avoid doing business with Amazon, sometimes that is the only place to find a particular printed book. So be it; I am really too far from any bookstores to go browsing through them as I might once have. I like real printed books. That is why all my own titles are available in the form.

Of course, they may also be purchased as ebooks. Most of them; a few are simply not suited to the medium (such as my children’s picture book, ‘A Mouse is in the House’). My poetry titles are being withdrawn from sale as ebooks also, as I have mentioned before. The intention is to make them free, while continuing to offer print versions for those who desire them. I’ll get the links up when I’ve finished the process. That process includes creating new, better looked EPUBs myself, rather than relying on the online converter at my distributors site.

The problems with their conversion software helped bring me to this decision. I had to learn how to home-brew my own ebooks and now I’ve got it pretty well figured out. Not that I probably won’t take the easy way and convert my next novel online, if they get the new system working!

Addendum: Before I got around to posting this, I finished the transfer of the poetry ebooks to my site. They may be found and freely read and/or downloaded at

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