Monday, January 07, 2019

Poetry Ebooks

I never expect to profit from my poetry and am quite willing to let it be read or heard for free. This is why I have no problem with posting pieces on line.

However, it does cost me to put it into books. So, I charge a fairly nominal price for my collections, to cover my work in designing and formatting and, of course, the cost of an ISBN and of the print copies.

They can also be seen as ‘price leaders’ for my novels — for which I have quite different expectations!

I have come to the conclusion that there is little point in selling the low-cost ebook versions and was, moreover, never happy with the compromises in formatting required for distribution. Therefor, I and Arachis Press are withdrawing them from the market and will make free epub copies available for download. If the reader enjoys them, perhaps she or he will pay for a print copy.

If not, then they are still completely welcome to the ebooks. They may share them if they wish. I’ll get around to getting those ‘better’ versions up as I can (and they will replace the plain text files already being given away, as well as the Blogger version of ‘Pieces of the Moon.’). And the next collection, probably out in 2020, will be free from the beginning.

That’s to be titled ‘A Poet’s Day.’ Just in case you wondered!

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