Monday, January 21, 2019

Wilk and the White Russians

Spending time (maybe too much time) researching the Russian Revolution and, in particular, the retreat of the White Army in Siberia. Why? For a future Wilk novel (probably the first, chronologically) that I am unlikely to write anytime soon. That's okay, the ideas I pick up now will work away in my head until I am ready to tackle the writing. I've already realized that the basic scenario I had worked out, Wilk passing through Siberia to China, is not going to be as smooth as I had envisioned, at least not if I set it in summer of 1919! But that may add more interest and adventure to the whole thing.

I am also looking into the aircraft involved, as Wilk was a pilot who served with Germany in WW1 (coming from the German-ruled part of Poland) and then with the Reds in the immediate post-war period. My first thought was that he would accompany a couple airplanes to China via railway but I see now that the lines through Siberia were still White-controlled during that time-frame. So he will have to fly at least part of the way, perhaps through the Turkestan area. All that will be worked out eventually and we can get to the main adventure...China!

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