adventures in dysthymia

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Thackeray Poem

I wasted some time making this little graphic of Thackeray's 'Commanders of the Faithful.' His poetry is overlooked somewhat these days. Perhaps it always was, in comparison to his novels, but it appeals to me. I suppose some might consider this a tad politically incorrect by today's standards. I can't speak for any Turks but the Catholic in me certainly doesn't mind (nor the lover of wine!).

Monday, February 11, 2019

The Tenants, a poem

The Tenants

The Landlord’s come, we’re long overdue,
our debts are great, our assets few.
We can not pay, He’ll send us away —
our time here is thoroughly through.

That He has cause, never doubt;
He’s seen what mischief we’ve been about.
We cut the trees, we poisoned the seas,
and now He’s come to turn us out.

We’ve nothing left to pay the rent;
our capital has all been spent.
Yes, all our cash, on gaudy trash —
what we received as quickly went.

Oh, He’s been lenient, not strict,
and ever urged peace when we conflict,
but we made a mess and now I guess
there is no choice but to evict.

We’ve been the worst of tenants, it’s true,
a thankless and disreputable crew.
We broke the glass and killed the grass;
the Landlord’s come — we’re thoroughly through.

Stephen Brooke ©2019

Pretty much of a throwaway so I'm throwing it here.