Sunday, March 03, 2019


It must be admitted there is not a great deal of action in the first section (around 16,000 words) of THE CROCODILE GOD (my fantasy novel WIP). The only violence occurs offstage, a report coming back about an attack on Qala’s friend who has traveled south on a diplomatic mission. Much of the story revolves around her two-year-old demi-god son discovering his powers and his divine relatives. And there is stage-setting for what is to come.

There is also more sex than is typical for me. That’s action of a different sort. Be that as it may, the pace does pick up in section two, with a kidnapping at around the 20,000 word mark that should set up the plot development for the rest of the novel. Fairly late for a so-called inciting incident but so be it. The first part of the book may drag for those not already invested in Qala’s story, so I do recommend reading THE CROCODILES’S SON first (available, don’t you know, from Arachis Press).

Finding a balance between keeping the plot moving and saying what needs to be said is never that easy — and it is genre dependent, to some degree. A more leisurely pace is certainly tolerated to a greater degree in a mainstream novel than in a fantasy adventure. I’m not sure it should be — a story is a story. I feel less need to, well, pander to arbitrary genre demands these days.

So I shall keep on with the novel, writing, revising. I always revise a lot as I go along, rather than first drafting. I know where I’m going and there is no rush; best to get it right. And eventually it will all be ‘right’ and ready for all of you. I would not be at all surprised to have THE CROCODILE GOD released before the end of this year.

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