Friday, March 22, 2019

Another Crocodile

I have a pretty good draft completed of the next fantasy novel, ‘The Crocodile God.’ In that I do the bulk of my editing as I go along, it is fairly close to being in final form. I’ll do some more editing passes, of course; no hurry at all on getting to those.

This is the second Crocodile Chronicles book, the sequel to ‘The Crocodile’s Son.’ The stories of the crocodile novels interweave with those of the Sajam Saga (‘The Eyes of the Wind,’ ‘The Jewels of the Elements’) but feature Qala, the former queen of pirates as the lead character. All these novels are fairly short; ‘God’ came to a little over 65,000 words. If typical, it will grow slightly when I work through it, adding a touch more description and explanation here and there. A few hundred words, at most.

Or I might end up cutting a bit here and there. One never knows. I left a lot of ‘footage’ on the floor as I worked through the writing process, background material that I had written up which just did not fit into the narrative. No problem; it helps me know things about the characters and their world, and some of it will most certainly show up in other books.

So, on to other projects. Maybe not even writing-oriented ones, though I have to get the non-fantasy ‘The Dictator’s Children’ out the door, with the publishing date set as May 4. The next novel will probably not be on of my fantasies, but I have plenty of those in development. I am also doing some editing work on other people’s work.

For now, I am bidding farewell to the Crocodile/Sajam stories. Everything has been tied up pretty well for the time being, though with warnings of trouble coming in a couple decades. By then there will be another generation to deal with things, Qala’s demigod son and the large family of Marana and Saj down on the Isle of Lorj. But I have other worlds to visit before dealing with them.

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