Thursday, May 16, 2019

Big Bend Rivers, a song lyric

Big Bend Rivers

I crossed the Apalachicola,
flowing mighty and wide,
headed down the Big Bend coast
where rivers meet the tide;
at dawn I set forth, by day’s end
I shall rest beside
the Suwanee, hear its subtle song,
at the end of my ride.

The Ochlockonee and Sopchoppy,
Saint Marks and Aucilla,
bars and camp grounds, weathered docks,
fishermen’s flotilla.
Econfina, Fenholloway,
dark Steinhatchee water,
eagle and the cormorant,
raccoon and the otter.

From deep in Florida’s wild heart
the rivers ever flow,
from the swamps and shaded bays
on to the Gulf they go.
From the springs that crystal lie,
the waters join and grow —
the osprey soaring high above,
the coasts we love below.

Stephen Brooke ©2019

A song lyric I recently completed more-or-less to my satisfaction. The music is done too but there may be some revisions there once I get to playing it more. The 'big bend' area of the Florida coast is where I used to live (in Steinhatchee) and I've driven along it on occasion.

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