Friday, May 31, 2019


Here's a new science fiction novel coming soon from Arachis Press, but (for once) not from me:

And here's the official blurb:

Dave Ladd, has-been musician, didn’t mind being abducted by aliens. Especially when those aliens had plenty of cash to compensate him. Let them keep whatever secret they seemed to have learned about Earth.

So he thought when he was returned to his home in rural Alabama. But he was already too involved in that secret — a secret that involved the survival of humanity — and soon was on the run with an alien girlfriend, first on Earth and then ‘out there.’ A solution must be found by the motley band of humans and aliens thrown together in ALIENESE, a science fiction novel by Oliver Davis Pike.

 As publisher and editor, I readily admit that I have a role in producing this book. It will officially be out on July 6 but may well appear here and there before then, online ebook retailers, Amazon, whatever. And, of course, at the Arachis Press site.

I like the novel, obviously, and also obviously I am a bit prejudiced. It is short (not quite as short as a novella) and fast paced, with a good bit of humor. Look for it! My own next novel will be 'The Crocodile God,' another fantasy, slotted for a September 7 release. After that? Probably the third Cully Beach novel, on which I am currently slogging along. That will be ready when it is ready.

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