Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Give and Take, a poem

Give and Take
a simple song

Laugh when you are happy,
cry when you are sad;
rejoice in what you have,
remember what you had.
Life will give and take
and life will go on;
night will follow sunset,
day will follow dawn.

Now is but a border
drawn on the map of time,
dividing all that is,
an ever restless line.
Dividing what once was
from what is to be;
no one can live there,
not you, no, not me.

I’ve turned life inside out
to know its emptiness;
if there’s something more
is anybody’s guess.
The sun shines ever on,
though we hope and fear;
you’ll see it rise tomorrow —
I may not be here.

Stephen Brooke ©2019

the first part there can be repeated as a chorus

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