Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Warrior Rests

Another novel is finished. More or less; there will be some editing, although I do edit and revise as I go along. This would be “Warrior of the Moon,” a fantasy piece set in my world of the Mora (the seventh one) and the beginning of a new series, the Sleeping Sky Trilogy.

Yes, I know it will be a trilogy. I planned it as one, I’ll write it as one. The sequell may or may not be titled “Lake of the Goddess.” We’ll see about that. It definitely takes off where “Warrior” ends — I’m going with a continuing story on this trilogy.

The novel weighs in at 69,550 words. That’s a tad longer than any previous Mora novels but not by all that much. Most would still consider it a fairly short novel. As with its predecessors, it is divided into four sections. I aim for fifteen chapters per section and sometimes that happens. It did for the first three sections here but section four was a teensy shorter. That is entirely okay. The story takes as many words and as many chapters as is needed.

There may be more words when I sit down and thoroughly edit in a couple weeks (or so). I do have a tendency to underwrite, to leave things out that might better explain what is happening. An extra few hundred words, maybe. Maybe not. I edited and revised a good bit as I went so there might be even less to change than usual. As as result of revising and, to some degree, feeling my way, “Warrior of the Moon” required about ten weeks of writing. Not every day writing. I have no qualms about skipping days, taking days to concentrate on editing or researching, whatever. I turn the books out quickly enough anyway, I reckon.

So what now? Aside from many non-writing projects clamoring for my attention, I have varied novels in development (not to mention short stories and stuff). I decided some time back not to write two fantasy novels in a row but to slip in some other genre between. Maybe mainstream, maybe mystery, maybe who knows what. Another ‘Wilk’ action tale maybe?

Whatever, I’ll settle down to it in a while. For now, time to take a breath and just think about my direction.

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