Saturday, August 10, 2019

Farewell to Qala

My fantasy novel ‘The Crocodile God,’ officially out in less than a month, will be (or should be) the last starring Qala, the former Queen of Pirates. She has previously been the central character of ‘The Crocodile’s Son’ and a secondary character in ‘The Eyes of the Wind.’ Does this mean goodbye to her altogether?

It shouldn’t. However, any future Crocodile Chronicles novels will shift focus to her son Zedos. As the progeny of the Crocodile God (aka Xido the Trickster), there are plenty of paths to explore with that character. Not soon, though, I think. There are many other projects to take on first.

There is a slight chance I might write something about the younger Qala someday, before she rose to rule the pirates. We’ll see about that. But I have wrapped up things satisfactorily in ‘The Crocodile God’ so her personal journey slows down now. She might even live happily ever after.

THE CROCODILE GOD has an official release date of September 7, 2019, in print and ebook, from Arachis Press.

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