Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Social Contract

The Social Contract
(an Anarchist’s drinking song)

I never signed the social contract
nor agreed the majority ruled;
and those who thoughtlessly scribbled their names
I consider well fooled!
Yes, fooled they were, fooled they are,
and rightfully ridiculed;
but not me, no, never me,
for I’ve been too well schooled!

I never signed the social contract,
someone forged my name —
it was my parents, I’ve no doubt,
and their parents did the same!
And though I’m fond of the dear old folks,
it would be to my shame,
to let them sign my life away
and so I’ve quit the game!

I never signed the social contract,
with government I’m through;
it doesn’t matter who climbs to the top,
they bring us nothing new!
Democracy and majority rule,
you surely know it’s true,
is still one group of people telling
everyone else what to do!

I never signed the social contract,
instead I stole the pen;
and if they hand me another one
I’ll steal it again!
Refuse to sign, I urge you all,
and the day comes when
we can live as is our right —
as free women and free men!

Stephen Brooke ©2019

I create these characters and give them life and then they go off and write stuff like this. :)

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