Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Smoke Cover and Blurb

Cover reveal for the next novel, SMOKE, the third Cully Beach mystery. Coming November 30 from Arachis  Press.

And the official blurb:

A dry Florida spring. Wildfires burn across the state, blanketing it with smoke. In sleepy Cully Beach, the sands reveal a long-buried body — the body of a woman Ted ‘Shaper’ Carrol knew in another life. Soon, he is involved in puzzling out what happened to her and how it ties into an unsolved jewel theft of a decade previous. The clues she left him carry Ted to danger at the smoke-wreathed Florida Folk Festival and back again to the beaches of home, while both police and criminals shadow his moves.

Ted would much rather be busy preparing for his wedding through these slow months leading into the summer, but crime has once again reared its inconvenient head in the third Cully Beach mystery from Stephen Brooke, SMOKE.

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