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About Me

Yeah, what an original title for this page...

Anyway, I am Stephen Brooke and I have written at this blog, The Lucky Lad, for over a dozen years. So I decided maybe I should add a page. Everyone wants to know about me, right?

I write about many things here, my deepest thoughts, my shallowest everyday doings. Quite a bit about my writing, including early drafts of poems. I have a number of poetry collections out now, a bunch of novels (both contemporary and fantasy), children's books, etc. All available through Arachis Press or book retailers everywhere.

I blog elsewhere, too. There is The Fiction of Stephen Brooke where I hold forth on my contemporary/mainstream writing and  The Fantasy Worlds of Stephen Brooke. The title there is self-explanatory. I am also on Tumblr as The Existential Cowboy and have a Stephen Brooke author page at Facebook. If you are ambitious enough to find my personal page, feel free to 'friend' me. There is also a GoodReads author page and one at Wattpad.

All my poetry collections are now free to download or read online as ebooks (in EPUB format) at though still available for purchase as print books. I also dabble in art and music. Those are somewhat on the shelf at the moment but ready to get down if I feel the urge.

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